Friday, October 15, 2010


Delighted that one of the longest poems I've written to date, "The Erotic Life of Art: A Séance with William Carlos Williams" is part of the issue of long poems in Octopus Magazine #14.

Nice to see moi seance with the good doctor. I wrote it years ago during a stay at MacDowell and forgot all about it. I stumbled across it earlier this year when I was cleaning up files. Hmm: I wonder what else I might unearth if I kept cleaning files...

Thanks to editors Zachary Schomburg and Mathias Svalina, fine poets as well as editors. Here's their announcement below:
Octopus 14 is online. This issue features 16 long poems from 16 poets, reviews & recoveries.

Poems by
J. Michael Martinez :: Jeff Alessandrelli :: Brandon Downing
Katie Peterson :: Andy Fitch :: Jesse Lichtenstein
Amy King :: Samuel Amadon :: Julie Doxsee
Molly Gaudry :: Michael Rerick :: Eileen R. Tabios
Dot Devota :: Claire Becker :: Jennifer Denrow
Zvonko Karanović transl. by Ana Božičević

Not Blessed by Harold Abramowitz, reviewed by Janice Lee
Under the Quick by Molly Bendall, reviewed by Suzette Bishop
Sum of Every Lost Ship by Allison Titus, reviewed by David Carillo
Mr. Worthington's Beautiful Experiments on Splashes, reviewed by Sommer Browning

Applesauce by June Arnold, recovered by Gina Abelkop
The Girl with the Stone in Her Lap by Irene McKinney, recovered by Nick Ripatrazone
Where the Weather Suits My Clothes by John Godfrey, recovered by Bryan Beck
Trench Town Rock by Kamau Brathwaite’s
& Standing Wave by John Taggart, recovered by Susan Scarlata
The Journals by Paul Blackburn, recovered by Joseph Hall
The Anathemata by David Jones, recovered by Sara Nicholson