Tuesday, June 01, 2010


Well. I was sitting on the mountain this weekend amidst a swarm of bees wondering what next to do with my boring life...then this happened:

Isn't this ink and acrylic work on paper lovely?!!!! 'Tis by brilliant artist Maureen McQuillan!

And it's the front cover image for my next book! (Yes, I know....I was supposed to taper down...but moi blather's got huge inventory....to wit:)

WOOT! I'm delighted to announce that SILK EGG: COLLECTED NOVELS (2009-2009) has been accepted for publication by the illustrious Shearsman Books of Exeter, U.K. Publication Date: Spring 2011!

SILK EGG, of course, began with the first novel Novel Chatelaine! Thanks to Amanda Laughtland and her Teeny Tiny Press for early encouragement--you encouraged the literal seed to this project! SILK EGG (you can see the title novel HERE) will present a dozen novels!

Thanks to Shearsman editor Tony Frazer for welcoming me into the Shearsman fold, which includes many authors whose works I admire -- heck, I thought I'd first have to be dead to be on a list that includes Stéphane Mallarmé, Du Fu, or Fernando Pessoa (grin).

Pessoa: that's one to chase...Food for thought: did you all know that "Eileen Tabios" also has written and published under other names...? (wink)

Anyhoot--this will be one of my slimmer books. After all, these are novels, not poems...(grin & wink).

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