Friday, May 21, 2010


Okay, nothing so species-endangering. Specifically, Zimbabwean writer Emmanuel Sigauke says my "poetry sort of violates your readerly comfort zone." Naughty poems!

But after the naughtiness, I'm always grateful when people I don't know (this lovely dude thinks I'm a "Southern California poet") get to know--and like!--my puw-ems. I don't take that for granted! So, THANK YOU, Emmanuel!


By the way, Emmanuel also says:
So here is the point. There is a niche I have "discovered" in American poetry, the Filipino-American poets. Like most other hyphenated poetry, this poetry seeks to reconcile, sometimes to make sense of, the America space in which it emerges. That, ladies and gentlemen, is a big deal, because such poetry adds a rich core to the total American experience. And I happen to appreciate, to fall into, it.

Love it of course. But I note it, too, for you over there but also in my heart as Anvil Publishing has now made THE THORN ROSARY available in the Philippines--click here for your copy, also available viz the peso!

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