Thursday, May 20, 2010


This post is for those who've felt themselves suffering as I've been insufferable of late boasting about moi son Michael. To wit:

This evening I attended his school's "Spring Concert". As part of Chorus, he participated in what was a performance of a 55-music sheet presentation of Meryl Streep's greatest achievement otherwise known as "Mamma Mia."

Good Gawd -- the boy just sucked.

To the occasional dance step, he was just five million beats behind.

And the singing?

Well. Naturally I videoed the whole dang thing (that's what parents do, right?). Then when we returned home, we played the whole performance over as background music to dinner. He sang along. Let's just say, he's as tone-deaf as the hubby but with a bigger donkey bray.

And the worst of it all is that I had to keep my face deadpan as I complimented his ... effort.

The hand pouring the wine in my glass was heavy-handed tonight. 2005 Saxum "Broken Stones" Paso Robles. Delish. But not enough to sweeten the sour whenever I told Michael that he did just fine.

No wonder I had him jailed:

KIDDING! Sheesh. Just kidding! That photo is from when we took the lovely baritone to visit Alcatraz this summer. Fortunately, he didn't sing for us then--he otherwise would still be there torturing the pigeons and rats!

With apologies to that bumpersticker:

My Dog Sings Better Than My Honor Student

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