Tuesday, May 25, 2010


I've been living with all sorts of assorted "Big, Burly Men" for as long as I've lived in la casa--nearly a decade watching various BBMs pass through as I go through one construction phase after another. Well, it happened again!

This morning, as I happened to be in the same room as one of the BBMs turning off some electrical circuit or other, said BBM shyly asked, "So, you write books...?"

Trying to clamp back the volcanic rush of enthusiasm rushing through moi bod as I didn't want to scare him off, I turned to him and very gently replied, "Yes. I write mostly poetry."

BBM nodded, then ventured forth haltingly, "Where do you sell them?"

Hmm, I thought, as I said, "Various places--bookstores, Amazon..." (I stopped at Amazon as that's all one has to say, right, if they really want to find your book.)

BBM continued, "So what is your last name so maybe we can look one up...? My wife loves to read."

Trying to clamp back the second volcanic rush of enthusiasm threatening to bend moi bod, I said--okay, I proclaimed enthusiastically as I couldn't help moiself!--"Oh! If you're interested! I'd be happy to give you some!"

And less than five seconds later, I was back with a small bag containing Footnotes to Algebra and Nota Bene Eiswein for him.

BBM was so happy. He shared, "We were at Barnes and Noble this weekend -- we must have bought eight books!"

I happily riposted, "Well, they probably didn't stock these books so I hope you like them!"

BBM is a master contractor and BBM's wife is a nurse. Love it -- spreading poetry beyond the po-wurld. Love. It.

Not to mention -- for a couple of poetry books, I just bet he's gonna go the extra mile on the construction work around the house. Sometimes, poetry economics does make sense!

Poetry books--it's moi version of cupcakes to encourage construction workers!

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