Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Leaving New York City over ten years ago also meant de facto severing my ties with the marvelous Asian American Writers Workshop. Due simply to lack of proximity, I haven't done much with AAWW in the past decade.

Well, that's about to change.

After all, AAWW Director -- and Yale Series of Younger Poets awardee -- Ken Chen was good enough to come all the way to St. Helena to chat and lunch.

So, what'll I be doing with AAWW in the future? I'll tell you in the future! For now, I just want to post a photo of Ken with THE THORN ROSARY!

This is after wine, handmade-at-the-moment-ordered mozzarella cheese over grilled bruschetta with vestri oliio nuovo; some tagliatelle with olive oil poached tuna, tuna tartare, bottarga, crushed chiles and Meyer lemon for Moi; and some rigatoni with guanciale bacon, onions, organic eggs, cracked pepper and parmesan for Ken. Just don't say Moi doesn't know how to feed her guests--well, with the help this time of Tra Vigne!

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