Monday, December 07, 2009


....meanwhile, running around on end-of-the-year hoo-haa with Big, Burly Men here at Galatea before winter ends all major construction until next Spring. A recently completed project reflects how we occasionally try to do what Poetry allows us to do: blur the boundaries between myth and reality: here's Michael with Achilles and Gabriela hanging out with Ajax and Achilles as they play draughts:

We treasure the fountain for honoring one of our favorite works of art:

We naturally localized the original with poetry: along the octagonal base of the fountain are etched hay(na)ku about some of Galatea's most beloved citizens: Achilles, Gabriela, Scarlet, Artemis, Michael ... and Galatea herself, as feminist human instead of a frozen man's gaze. Yep: Poetry as a way of life...

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