Saturday, December 05, 2009


As the country began visibly preparing for the Holidays, Michael took it all in, especially all the cars that began appearing capped with netted Xmas trees. One day, he whispered to me, "The [orphanage] had a tree, but it was always plastic..."

Well, as a result of that whisper we decided to make a big deal of getting this year's trees. Today, we went to a tree farm and chose our lovely firs. I'd never visited a tree farm before and it was just lovely to sip the warm apple cider, watching the romping dogs, romping boy, and the hubby (ahem) trying to keep up. Here is Michael right after we trimmed the trees today with the help of Galatea's elves who, upon coming out of hibernation, were ecstatic to find a child in the household:

Yes, I said trees as the cats and dogs, of course, must have their own -- albeit a smaller one in my and the hubby's attempts (so far failed) to persuade them that we are the Alphas.

Matter of fact, here are some of our ornaments. Michael, a natural photographer, took the images before hanging them up on the trees:

It's so special to experience the Holidays through the eyes of a child...

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