Saturday, November 21, 2009


Here are this year's St. Helena ALL-STARS! (Yes, Michael's the sho..., uh, the kid in the blue shorts):

And here are all the players that made up his ALL-STAR Napa Valley game:

One of the best things I appreciate about these tween boys is when they show their thoughtfulness, as in Michael's goalie-friend deliberately bending his knees, perhaps so as not to emphasize Michael's slight stature....

Before the game had started, all the kids got ALL-STAR t-shirts. After the game, we went home, Michael took a shower, then put back that fabulous but now quite stinky shirt to wear again for the rest of the day! Mama Moi held her tongue and her nose!

As for who won the ALL-STAR game, now C'mon Peeps -- the score doesn't matter as long as you tried your best, right? (That's right -- you wusses betting on the score-results just got obviated by Moi for being in the wrong game.) I am happy to confirm, though, that Michael played his heart out...!


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