Tuesday, December 01, 2009


See, the kitty Artemis would like to think otherwise as she loves to play with colored ribbons and paper. But the holiday spirit is not about receiving gifts but Giving. So, with Michael's kitty (pun intended) recently depleted from his piggy bank as I introduced him to the concept of having a savings account at a bank, I am focusing Michael on giving drawings as presents this holiday. His artistry needs to be encouraged, as you can judge by his latest "Thank You Drawing" to his New York Family:

And here's an early gift for you Peeps -- don't you love his sense of humor? It's a fish with braces!!! Chewing out (laugh) the skeleton of a chewed-up, smaller fish:

And speaking of Holiday Giving, thank you to those who've bought my book SECRET PUNCTUATIONS ... as well as the Tiny Books Poetry-Feeds-The-World Project. Along with funds pathetically raised from my newbie-parenting project "Belching For Hunger", we all have managed to donate funds to Heifer International this year sufficient to give someone...a water buffalo! How's about that! You all are special, too!


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