Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Just received an email from Reme Grefalda, editor/publisher of OurOwnVoice for being "the godmother to the Global Filipino Literary Awards" begun in 2003. Well, yes. I don't think most peeps know that this award was originally my idea -- a way to bring attention to Filipino literature. So far, recipients include in poetry (award is also given to novels and non-fiction):
Imago, poetry by Joseph Legaspi (CavanKerry Press)
Miracle Fruit by Aimee Nezhukumatathil (Tupelo Press)
Ghost Wars by Vince Gotera (Final Thursday Press)
My American Kundiman, poetry by Patrick Rosal (Persea Books)
Matadora by Sarah Gambito (Alice James Books)
Trill & Mordent, poetry by Luisa Igloria (WordTech Publications)
Puti / White, poetry by Patria Rivera (Frontenac House)
LOVE GATHERS ALL: The Philippine-Singaporean Anthology of Love Poetry Edited by Alfred A. Yuson, Ramon C. Sunico, Alvin Pang and Aaron Lee (Anvil in the Philippines & Ethos Books in Singapore)

Why am I mentioning this now? Because I'm tired of some of y'all wondering why my books don't get this award. First, OurOwnVoice's editors (and I'm OOV's Contributing Editor for the Arts) are precluded from being considered....and I don't need to get awards for poetry y'all --

Moi's role is to laud poetry, not have Poetry laud me.

Now, stop the petty tsismis, kapischkie? Why not address, instead, the postmodern button-ism of Mima Cabacungan which I address in the new OOV? Let's feed our brains some good food, yah?

And advance HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Mima Cabacungan who will be 101 years old next month! Wow! I wonder if, when I hit 101 years next year, I'll still be writing poetry...

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