Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Another item checked off the massive To-Do List: I just approved the final proofs for sending Nota Bene Eiswein (NBE) to the printer! Thanks to Jesse Glass for requesting, then publishing, a manuscript! NBE will be released by Ahadada Books in early 2009, in time apparently for it to make its pretty face known to the public at AWP where Ahadada will have a presence. And speaking of pretty faces, here's its front cover (this seems to be as large as I can make the image so the scribbled markings against the pale blue field aren't really legible):

The cover features one of my collages entitled “Global Warming”. 'Twas inspired by the heat of flamenco, a photograph of the Barne Glacier by Seth White, and asemic writing practices to which I was introduced by the brilliant Tim Gaze. The asemic portion of the collage utilizes a symbol for “Filipino poet” as created through my 2002 “Poems Form/From The Six Directions” project. Also relevant to this collage as well as the underlying sensibility to these poems is an observation by Christian Dotremont:
“The printed sentence is like a city map: the bushes, trees, objects, and myself have disappeared.”

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