Friday, December 05, 2008


Mira! Melissa Luna's paper presented last year in Mexico -- "El Hay(na)ku: Poesía Filipina Electrónica" -- is now available online HERE. Muchas Gracias, Melissa! (Ernesto dear, do be sure to read it, if you haven't already!)

Congratulations to Poets PictureBook for its First Year Anniversary! Salamat to Marne Kilates for all his hard work (Marne -- you still have to send me your book. So now, moi 9 billion peeps know that Marne Kilates still has to send his latest and I'm sure brillilant poetry collection to this Chatty One!)

I am so happy and THANKFUL to see this interview of the brilliant Tim Gaze, who also has been generous in teaching me about asemic writing. Purr.

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