Wednesday, November 26, 2008


over at the brand-new Coconut Poetry (with direct link to my poems HERE). Thanks to editor Bruce Covey for asking, then accepting! Issue features new poems by David Lehman, Snezana Zabic, Denise Duhamel, Nin Andrews, William Minor, Lee Ann Roripaugh, Chad Sweeney, Brigitte Byrd, W.B. Keckler, Shira Dentz, Jared White, Eileen Tabios, Amber Nelson, Sam Pink, Molly Arden, Graeme Bezanson, John Most, Dana Guthrie Martin, Sarah Bartlett, Matt Turner, Lara Glenum, Susana Gardner, Carmen Gimenez Smith, Jackie Clark, Gale Nelson, Stephanie Berger, Rauaun Klassnik, and Jed Rasula!

By the way, my poems are part of a series of poems inspired by Christian Hawkey's fabulous book, THE BOOK OF FUNNELS. I loved the poems so much that I wrote a poem after each of the poems in Hawkey's book (the series will appear in my forthcoming collection NOTA BENE EISWEIN). I mention Hawkey not just as background but because it's, of course, rare when an artist's work can so move someone in the way that Hawkey's book did. Check out his FUNNELS book, why dontcha!

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