Sunday, November 16, 2008


Jean experiments with e-videos and posts one of herself reading one of the poems from The Blind Chatelaine's Keys! I'm so honored! Thank you, Jean.

Haven't accessed it yet; I tend to have trouble accessing e-videos from the mountain. But I love Jean's description and it sure sounds worth checking out:
Sitting on the stairs at night in front of my house, reading Eileen Tabios’ “Before Attention Turned to You,” in The Blind Chatelaine’s Keys: Her Biography Through Your Poetics. The two lights in the dark are coming from the Alpaca ranch down the hill. The “third” above them is the rising moon. Gracie is the audience. The curious thing is how still she remained, like a statue, throughout the whole reading. Please note her brand new, very hip, reflective Max Escher dog collar, decorated with intertwined lizards.

Gracie has a new collar!

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