Friday, November 07, 2008


New Mystics promotes "infinite possibilities in theatre, music, poetry and prose." Most recently, they choose to promote me (grin), which is to say, I have some new poems HERE(or direct .pdf link HERE).

But I'm also struck by their recent additions to their Advisory Board, per their new Press Release below. I approve of their message: that art and poetry is not just the purview of, uh, artists and poets! (Not to mention that in these dire economic times, this may be a way for arts organizations to have counsel on how better to survive.)

So do go all mystical and Check 'em out! There's also Submissions Information below:
New Mystics is proud to announce the following news and website updates:

NEW MYSTICS THEATRE COMPANY, INC. announces recent additions to its Advisory Board:

Joy Anderson, Esq.
Attorney at Law (NJ)

Neal Bennett
Owner and Instructor, Industry Film School (NJ)

John Damm, Ed.D.
Licensed Psychologist (WV)

Vernon Frazer
Language poet, musician, retired performance artist (FL)

Patricia Swisher, MSW, LCSW
Counselor, substance abuse specialist (WV)

The Company recently held open auditions for the first time. Congratulations and welcome to our new Company members!

NEW MYSTICS FILMS has posted the second short film in the "6 Reasons" series. Starring Jeremy Madia, Rich Palmros, and Megan Sambataro, with original music by Knight Berman Jr. Written by Joey Madia, with direction/editing by Dan Cooley.

NEW MYSTICS ENTERPRISES, LLC, our new publishing imprint, announces the January 2009 publication of Joey Madia's Jester-Knight, a knights and dragons fantasy novel. More details will be available in the next few months. Many thanks to Jackson Fisher at Fisher King Press ( for all of his help and advice in getting our first book launched. is pleased to have 1 returning and 4 new contributors added our Literature section:

Vernon Frazer, longtime contributor and new addition to the theatre company Advisory Board, has offered "Past the Larval Harvest," a multipage visual poem.

We are thrilled to have Eileen Tabios, Recipient of the Philippines' National Book Award for Poetry, join the New Mystics family. Eileen has shared 7 of her poems, including several from a forthcoming book.

Oliver and Claire Smith, our new friends from England, debut with a short story and accompanying illustration and 3 poems. Oliver was recently published in the Inkermen Press ( anthology Lands End.

Meredith Kahn, Philadelphia resident (and super-psyched Phillies fan!) has shared her short story, "Cries in the Night," with accompanying illustration by her brother Tim.

Thanks to all of our contributors, past and present, and to all the hardworking, dedicated artists and technicians who have made our continuing growth possible. Thanks, too, to our readers and supporters!

Visit the Submissions section for details on having your writing, art, news, or banner included at New Mystics.

This update is dedicated to Mary Giaimo and her family. Everyone at New Mystics offers thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery and a quick return home!

The Artists and Technical Staff at New Mystics

My poems are in purty good company. Click HERE to access the poetry of Joey Madia, Claudia Beechman, Marina Boccuzzi, Ric Carfagna, Steve Dalachinsky, Vernon Frazer, Meredith Kahn, George Lennon, Tonya Madia, Nick Pendleton, Robert Pomerhn, Patrick Porter, Chuck Regan, Amanda Saile, Oliver & Claire Smith, Ryan Smith, Mark Sonnenfeld, Eileen Tabios, Joey West

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