Monday, October 27, 2008


Had to go to a museum-sponsored dinner last night. Ended up seated next to a curator's hubby, which was unexpectedly fun. While most peeps discussed the history of a certain mega-collector, he and I discussed "Empire" and its ramifications. He concluded at evening's end: "It's so refreshing to discuss politics at one of these affairs. Usually, I have to be careful..."

I can just imagine how he has to be careful discussing politics in the museum settings, though it turns out he writes political analyses for a living. That's the problem with contexts affecting fundraising -- politics is tricky when cash itself is apolitical. Then we discussed poetry. Doesn't follow poetry but doesn't shy away from it either. He appreciates Kay Ryan's -- "because it's not one of those poetries you gotta take a class in so that you can understand..."

Off to mail him a copy of the BRICK. I am thinking of inscribing it with, "I hope you enjoy this textbook..." (after all, it was most recently taught at U.C. Berkeley this summer, though interestingly the course focused more on "community" vs "creative writing").

Last but not least, TODAY I VOTE. Because none of us lives in a museum.