Tuesday, October 28, 2008


I've often thought my ideal career would be that of a librarian (hi John, ye poet-librarian!). This goes back to my first "job": shortly after immigrating to the U.S. (I was ten years old), I came to be a volunteer in my school elementary library.... over the years, this has meant I've long been a library patron as well as library supporter by donating books. Most recently, I donated a bunch of books from the Meritage Press titles I publish, as well as (but of course) some of my poetry books to the Andy Ausonio Library. If you click on this link to Jean's OKIR, you'll see a wonderful write-up of the library, but also including the rather limited state of its poetry collection -- scroll down to the bottom of Jean's report and you see a photo of its poetry collection...on a mere two shelves!

Anyway, so imagine my extra-special delight to receive a letter recently from Kurt Ellison, whose title identifies him as Supervising Librarian, Castroville Branch Library, Monterey County Free Libraries." Kurt writes:
"Jean Vengua brought your very generous donation of a box of new poetry books to our Castroville Branch Library...That was a very, very pleasant surprise! Your thoughtful donation really beefs up our poetry collection and will be of great benefit to our patrons. Our staff has had a chance to skim through the books you donated and have found the collection to be of high quality and from authors not in our current offering."


And as an author moiself, I love the idea of any of my books being in a public library collection. That ... is just special.

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