Tuesday, November 11, 2008


This post is for Michelle Bautista who has had moi back in today's electronic age. For example, the few images I post on my blogs have been possible because I send Michelle the jpegs and then she gives me a Blogger link to cutnpaste. I just could not figure out how to upload images...until last night!!!! Michelle -- no more emails requesting blog links!!!!!

So, like, look Mom -- the Chatty One says jumping up and down -- lookit what I did:

Artemis the Huntress may look all zen just perched on the stairwell...but this was taken at night when cats, being nocturnal, is when Artemis and Missy Scarlet conduct their hunting within the house. This being the country, little insect critters often make the bad decision of entering through door cracks or open windows. Well, said critters never last 24 hours after they enter. During my morning strolls through the house, I often have to pick up teeeny leeetle black corpses of various critters... And to give you another image explaining why, here is Artemis' inner nature:

I am a poet's kitty: Hear Me Roar!

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