Tuesday, December 02, 2008


Whew! I finally finished an art essay I'd been trying to write for over a year. This artist wasn't any more difficult than other artists I've covered in the past....but I just hit some sort of writer's block on art-writing this year and it affected this assignment.

Then, today, I hit on the idea of writing the art prose as if it were a poem. Which is to say, down a goblet of wine, fly off the mountain and finish it before Moi landed on her purty but sore butt. It worked. The art essay is finished.

Now, I can work on Galatea Resurrects and maybe start hand-writing out those gem-like Tiny Books for which orders I've been sitting on...

...but first, another goblet please. Tonight, the 1997 R.B.J. Theological. Sip...

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