Sunday, December 21, 2008


Fifty four lemons -- I wonder if that'll be the extent of my Winter Garden. Because the frost may have done in the kale, cabbage, scallions, bok choy and other greens that had tried to make up my "winter garden."

Now, some may wonder why Moi with brown thumbs would bother to garden. Elementary, moi dears. Because Moi finds gardening difficult and in such difficulty is she much reminded of poetry-as-process. I would mention the making of lemonade out of lemons but that would be a cliche (oh, but I guess I just mentioned it....ah well).

Had dinner with the neighbors last night. We discussed composting. As. If. I. Know. What. I'm Doing With Anything Involving The Yard. Anyway, beyond the devastated landscape that often comprises Moi's garden, here's my latest Relished W(h)ine List Update:

54 lemons

BACKSCATTER: NEW AND SELECTED POEMS by John Olson (Are ye peeps reading this poet? Coz ye peeps should be reading this poet!)

WARSAW BIKINI, poems by Sandra Simonds

APRIL TO THE POWER OF THE QUANTITY PYTHAGORAS TIMES NOW: A SELECTION OF MATHEMAKU, poems by Bob Grumman (so charmingly-brilliant I occasionally vibrated with pleasure as I read through this)

ZOMBIE NOTES, poems by Maureen Owen

WIND IN A BOX, poems by Terrance Hayes

IN THE PINES, poems by Alice Notley

POEMS IN CONVERSATION AND A CONVERSATION by Elizabeth Alexander & Lyrae Van Clief-Stefanon

IN THE MIDDLE DISTANCE, poems by Linda Gregg

LONGFELLOW & MEMORANDA, poems by Geof Huth

WHEN NEW TIME FOLDS UP, poems by Kathleen Fraser

ELEGY, poems by Mary Jo Bang

A BIGGER BOAT: THE UNLIKELY SUCCESS OF THE ALBUQUERQUE POETRY SLAM SCENE, history/anthology edited by Susan McAllister, Don McIver, Mikaela Renz and Daniel S. Solis with a Preface by Marc Smith and Afterword by V.B. Price

UNPACKING THE BOXES: A MEMOIR OF A LIFE IN POETRY by Donald Hall (I'm wondering if Donald Hall is the poet whose memoirs I've consistently relished and yet whose poems I've never really, uh, relished...)


IT ONLY TAKES A MOMENT, novel by Mary Jane Clark

THE LAST HOSTAGE, novel by John J. Nance

2004 3Rings shiraz Barossa Valley
1994 Artadi Lagos Viejos Reserva
1997 R.B.J. Theological
1992 Ravenswood Pickberry
1996 Close Clare Shiraz
Schramsberg sparkling wine
2005 JJ Prum Graacher Himmelreich Riesling Auslese
2005 Renteria pinot noir
1996 Dalla Valle Pietre Rosse
2006 Joel Gott zinfandel
1991 Ravenswood "Old Hill" zinfandel Sonoma Valley
2006 Cline zinfandel
2006 Jorge Ordonez Paso a Paso La Mencha
2005 Provenance Merlot NV
1985 Poggio Antico Reserva Brunello
1978 Gaja Sori Tilden Barbaresco

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