Wednesday, October 15, 2008


My trip to South America is off for now. Someday, when I finally get to rule the universe, a lot of people are going to be sorry.

Hopefully, I go early next year to finish up some VERY. IMPORTANT. BUSINESS.

But even so, when I finally don my diamond-dripping crown and raise my diamond-studded sword and flap my diamond-dotted wings as Empress of the Universe, A. LOT. OF. PEOPLE. ARE. GOING. TO. BE. SORRY.


Meanwhile, I replaced my eyeglasses with contacts yesterday. My eye prescription is over five years old because, on certain matters, I'm just lazy. So, who'da thunk? I don't know whether it's the new prescription or the switch to contacts, but with my new contacts, the world is larger. That is, everything is larger than I'd been seeing them through my old glasses.

Which is to say, I was SHOCKED when I got up this morning and turned to preen at my reflection in the mirror. I AM HUGE!!! I am getting as big as the mountain! My wrist is a *)(*&)(*& tree trunk. (Fortunately, as I frequently tell "That One" with whom I just celebrated the 22nd, "What do I care what I look like? I'm married.")

Galatea is (also) a mountain and in moi poetic myth I am living out Galatea but did I have to actually grow in scale like a ... mountain?! That's the downside of wine: calories. But, no -- don't think I'm going on a diet. If Poetry as a Way of Life means Moi has to be a Mountain, too, well, I happily (okay, dourly, but still committedly) sacrifice Moi for Poetry.

And, Oh. Moi. Gawd. The dawgs are HUGE! HUGE! Did you peeps think my dogs were big from the pictures I occasionally post? Coz I'ma tellin' ya, I knew intellectually they're German Shepherds but moi babies always seemed like chihuahuas in terms of scale. Now, I realize: my dogs are HUGE! No wonder the sofas slump when they get on my lap....!

Well and still, it's all good. I think the world should respond to Moi the way I respond to my dogs:

                  It's okay--that only means there's MORE to love!

Besides, we all-ways knew Moi is Bigger Than Life.

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