Tuesday, October 07, 2008


If I do say so moiself and Moi does: I'm quite sexy when I wear a long skirt....with a long side slit that presents the possibility of revealing a thigh....and now you know why your eyes are ever-vigilant for that REVEAL.

Another reason why I don't actually inscribe that tattoo? It's like writing a poem: I have an impetus that makes Moi raise pen to paper or put fingers to keyboard....I write the poem....and the poem doesn't quite say what I thought I'd wanted to say. All I can do is file that initial impetus under Dreams....

....all of my poems are imperfect. Like the weaver's slipped knot in the rug, like the accepted wabi-sabi break. Like the skirt splitting to reveal something that exists through its non-existence. Ye image from a broken glass mirror....or deliberate fuzziness from a metal's sheen. I strive for the glint slipping from a dream. Such be Moi's Tattoo Poetics.

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