Thursday, October 09, 2008


I am celebrating my 22nd wedding anniversary today to "THAT ONE" (a fashionista-sigh over those eyeglasses that make him look like he's from the 1950s). Which reminds me to replay a question frequently asked of Moi:
What is the secret to a successful marriage?

I am pleased to share the answer, for Moi is here to serve: it's a one-word answer, to wit:

And off she goes cackling over her morning coffee...until she pulls herself up to discourse: You know, the above is also my MOST MISUNDERSTOOD JOKE. And it wasn't until I was surprised recently by the amount of people who don't get the humor of a certain poetry hoax that I realized how much insecurity had to do with misunderstanding a joke. I'll, uh, leave it there....

....well, except to belabor the obvious: Moi is never insecure -- and, btw, this is actually part of my poetics experiments. That is, I've long noticed how so many poets are insecure so I wondered what it'd be like to have a poetic persona who is not insecure. Anyway, Moi is never--or tries never to be--insecure (if "I" is occasionally insecure, that be none of your bidness). In conclusion, another of my slogans (borrowed, of course) which I share at the risk of seeming Republican which I'm not:
Perhaps in error, but never in doubt.

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