Monday, January 08, 2007


Alerted to the news this morning by poet and Manila-based columnist Krip Yuson that Marc Gaba's won the 9th annual Boston Review poetry contest, judged by C.D. Wright.

Pleased by the news for Marc and for how this result (though, sigh, a contest) helps continue to show the treasure trove of English-language poetry that exists in the Philippines, that former U.S. colony. (To write well in English is the best revenge, to paraphrase Filipino poet Ricardo DeUngria.)

And, peripherally since this isn't about me but this is Moi Blog (wink), if you check out moi ENGLISH -- that is, I TAKE THEE, ENGLISH, FOR MY BELOVED (since the full title resonates given this bit of news) -- you'll see a poem I wrote for Marc back when we were still in e-correspondence.