Friday, January 05, 2007


Just got my contributor's copy of Otoliths -- that would be issue three, part two which focuses on visual poetry. Another great publication -- Otoliths is really one of the loveliest presenters out there of contemporary poetry (and not just cause they published Dredging For Atlantis which is probably a week or so away from arriving at SPD!).

Now, if only FIVE FINGERS would send over a contributor's copy -- Hello Jaime Robles! Surely you're out there...?

FIVE FINGERS is on Moi mind only because I was in the local bookstore and saw it on the literary racks. Pat-patted my poem a coo-ing Hello, but then put the journal back on the shelf. Which is to say, I observed the lack of desire to own as many copies as possible of the journal...

...Once, I would buy multiple copies of any journal that published any of my poems. Maybe because of the fear that it'd be the last time I'll ever see a poem get published. Well, what a relief to be so over that.

Anxious poets are never a purty sight, you know what I mean? Heee.

Anyway, I coo-ed at my poem, then let it go. My poems really want to be unfettered by Moi. My poems want to exercise their wings. They want to fly to Toi, not return to Mama Moi.