Saturday, December 30, 2006


Have I mentioned the numerous wabbits that abound on Galatea's mountain? Mebbe that's why Galatea Resurrects' energy just keeps on ascending! Which is to say, I have about 72 commitments for new reviews for the next issue of Galatea Resurrects! Wooo!

Not all commitments become reviews, but that's a lovely stat, ain't it?

And Ugly Duckling Presse just sent over a big box of review copies -- check that out and other review copy additions over in Galatea's Purse!

Matter of fact, it does intrigue me as to how not that many poetry presses have taken me up on my open offer to send older poetry titles. Here at Galatea, we believe Poetry is timeless so we don't limit reviews to recent releases. Check us out, you poets and publishers who'd like your poems to get engaged...!

Anyhoot...going offline to chase the wabbits with moi dawgs. We at Galatea wish you a good New Year's weekend!