Wednesday, December 27, 2006


Moi've been tagged by Ron Silliman to reveal 5 little known things about myself, and then to tag five other bloggers. Lessee:

1) None of your business.

2) None of your beeswax.

3) None of your etcetera but oooooooh-boy was that a doozy!

4) No one gives HOTTER SEX than I do. That this is not well-known is, naturally, because I only have sex with the lucky hubby. Too bad -- as no one gives hotter sex than I do. If you dispute this No. 4 and wanna holler about it, go ahead and consider yourself TAGGED.

5) I once talked a child molester out of kidnapping me. I was about 11 years old, strolling through the neighborhood. A guy in a car had been driving around the area. He finally stopped his car a few feet from me and started to try to persuade me to get into the car. For some reason, I couldn't just run away. I was frozen on the spot, as they say, which is to say, I had to talk to him. For forty-five minutes -- though it felt like an eternity as, throughout, I was scared and confused -- I talked through the car window at him, coming up with one reason after another as to why I couldn't enter his car. At one point, a car driven by a woman drove by; I looked at her and tried to express "Help" but, again, for some reason, I couldn't just articulate it. She slowed down her car, looked at what must have been an odd tableau, but just drove on. Then the guy got out of his car and approached me as he put on a blazer. I still recall that blazer -- how it was in that atrocious '70s style fabric of yellow, brown and green stripes (no doubt, polyester). The guy made a motion as if there was a weapon -- I did think "pistol" -- was hidden within some inner pocket. But a foot or so away from me, he paused and just looked at me. I was still blathering some excuse about why I couldn't get into his car. I think he gave a slight shake of his head, before he turned around and returned to go back into his car. Looking at me, he turned on his car, preparing to move on. I blurted out, "Thank you for not hurting me." At that, he looked away. He looked away and then moved on. I don't know what I said for nearly an hour to him. What I mostly remember from that incident is a strong sense of dread....but, also, this inexplicable feeling that I'd caused him in the future to think again before he ever tried to hurt another child. That latter could be just a rationalization ...for why, inexplicably, I just couldn't run away that day from what I did recognize as a looming danger. Why I stood frozen on the sidewalk for an hour blathering at him, instead of just running away That day is also when I began believing in the concept of "guardian angels."