Thursday, December 21, 2006


Get update on this battle non-royale here.

Which is to say, as Rosie affirmed her characterization of The Donald's shaky financial past, she quoted from a Wikipedia entry on said The Donald. And then in her blog posting, she attempted the hay(na)ku and lapsed instead to what the celebrity reporter calls "haiku style":

loving the wiki
i use it
do u.

The point here -- and it does so gladdens Moi heart -- is that poetry can indeed be part of your life, in the most mundane of ways. Gladdens Moi heart, I tell you.

Okay The Donald -- next poem is up to you! You can do it!

Okay, off to celebrate this very rainy Solstice by going to Leny where I shall allow her to feed Moi! The world is a grey deluge beyond Moi window, but I insist on being in a festive mood!