Friday, December 22, 2006


I've explored commodity lists as autobiography before. And now I want to thank Andrea Baker for her engagement with one of the books manifesting my exploration: POST BLING BLING. Here's an excerpt of what she says -- and what an excerpt, eh? Click on said excerpt to read the whole thing!

I do want to talk. Was glued to POST BLING BLING this morning. It's really brilliant.

But then I also just noticed that the above is the second post by Andrea. She posted on it first by citing my "outrageously successful" line breaks and so I point you to here as well. Hey, it's all complimentary to Moi so, yes, let Moi point you over to said compliments (wink).

Btw, Andrea also sez:

"This book would be a perfect pre-xmas gift for any stressed and demoralized shopper."

And so because Poetry is a Gift, Dear Peeps -- you can access this book for free courtesy of Moria Poetry here.

Giving away Poetry -- that's truly Post Bling Bling!

And thank you, Andrea! Hope the Holiday stress decreases soon....!