Wednesday, December 27, 2006


I had been eye-ing this sculpture for a while (I often find "found" self-portraits and thought this might be one...of course to consider a work of art a "self-portrait" is just another way of saying the work draws you in and captivates you into empathy)...and so how lovely that the hubby chose to gift this bronze sculpture, "Following My Feet", by Roxanne Swentzell:

Here's a close-up view:

And here's what Roxanne Swentzell has to say about this particular work -- whose conclusion certainly can be one of moi many many poetics:

I made this little figure during a rough period when I wasn't feeling sure of myself. My mind felt confused and unclear about where I should be going next. I was then given a manuscript for a book to check out. It was all about this person learning how to follow her feet instead of her head or "ideas". I was intrigued as I needed this encouragement. Following my feet is about following my instincts.

Thank you, Dear One.