Tuesday, January 02, 2007


Here's an interesting forum on poetry publishing at Argotist Online. A group of poetry editors are asked for their input...

Susana Gardner mentions moi Meritage Press and Galatea Resurrects. Thankee!

I haven't read through the whole forum yet but this discussion apparently was initiated by the New Statesman article by Neil Astley, 'Poetry For People', which is also interesting reading. Here's an excerpt that, while undoubtedly lifted partly out of context, reminds me of my approach to Galatea Resurrects--

Editors' "personal taste" is too often an excuse or disguise for elitism and arrogance. In my view, my responsibility as an editor is to be responsive to writers and readers, and to give readers access to a wide range of world poetry. Publishers and writers who address a broader readership...are attacked by elitist critics for "dumbing down" - but receive overwhelming support from readers as well as from intelligent poets.

Yep -- if you see the types of books reviewed by Galatea Resurrects, the selection is open to all sorts of poetries...and yet, synchronistically, with probably a leaning towards avant-ish work. This reflects my hope for Galatea's audience -- that said audience eliminates the line between poetry world and ... World.