Friday, May 24, 2013

2014 BOOKS

Yesterday, one of my manuscripts found a publisher--the second title listed below for my now known forthcoming books for 2014:

Reproductions of the Lost Flag: Sculptures (poetry collection--I've blogged about this project before: that's its newest and probably final title)


POST ROMANCE: Meditations on Art and Poetry (essay collection)

The only problem with POST ROMANCE is that I thought it was such a good idea I pitched it to a publisher.  But I haven't actually put together the manuscript.  When will I learn to not get in the way of my summer hammock days?!  I didn't spend a single minute on the hammock last summer (and the summer before that) -- I don't think I'll get there this summer, either.  Plus, I hear (hear but don't actually know) it'd be fun to putter around the garden ... like the front garden blooming this way today:

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