Friday, May 10, 2013


The tiniest creature in the house (if you exclude the country bugs) is moi kitty kat Missy Scarlet.  And she is pissed off because I focused on another cat (Iris in prior post).  So, sighing, I am following her orders to post her photo because she's a meanie -- she's tinier than Achilles' head but Big German Shepherd Achilles is very intimidated by her.  To wit:

Which is also to say in a non-seguing kind of way, here’s one more update of my Recently Relished W(h)ine List below before my trip. As ever, please note that in the Publications section, if you see an asterisk before the title, that means a review copy is available for Galatea Resurrects! More info on that HERE.

*  CLARITY AND OTHER POEMS by Thomas Fink (this is one of the most important books of poetry I've read in at least the past five years.  Y'all should check it out!)

MERIDIAN, poems by Kathleen Jesme (Outstanding. Moving. Authentic.)

FOUR BUTTONS TWO HOLES FOUR BROOMS, by Jean Arp (wonderful! Just check out the link!)

* IN MIXED COMPANY, poems by Caleb Puckett and Friends (fabulous music that even encompasses the hymn)

PRINCESS ABANDONED, essays by Kim Hyesoon, trans. Don Mee Choi (AWESOME!)

(EM)BODIED BLISS, poems by Marthe Reed (such powerful – and often ravishing and ravished! – work)

* THE ROMANCES AND OTHER POEMS by Micah Cavaleri (wonderfully unique poems. Great read!)

WAXWINGS, poems by Daniel Nathan Terry (intelligent, compassionate poems)

* UNEXPLAINED FEVERS, poems by Jeannine Hall Gailey (enjoyed these reconstituted fairy tales since “life is not a fairy tale”! Laughed at he who saved some princess and now lives with her but thinks, she’s not what I thought she’d be…haha)

* VIDEO TAPE, poems by Andrew Zawacki (ingenious!)

RECALCULATING, poems by Charles Bernstein (super!)

* GRADUALLY THE WORLD: NEW AND SELECTED POEMS, 1982-2013 by Burt Kimmelman (lovely and luminous worlds/words)

* NOISE EVENT, poems by Heidi Lynn Staples (wonderfully multi-faceted; so many striking lines!)

MY FAVORITE WARLORD, poems by Eugene Gloria (as ever, the compassion in this poet’s eye is a welcome constant)

WORK IS LOVE MADE VISIBLE: Poetry and Family Photographs by Jeanetta Calhoun Mish (well done)

REPRODUCTIONS OF THE EMPTY FLAGPOLE, poems by Eileen R. Tabios (I know—it’s my book. Rereading this book for a new project, but rereading this book which was released in 1998 pleases me as, based on its poems, I can’t fathom who the “I” was that wrote such poems…)

RENDER: AN APOCALYPSE, poems by Rebecca Gayle Howell (outstanding energy, befitting “apocalypse”)


OTOLITHS, Issue #29, edited by Mark Young (outstanding international literary and arts feast!)

VERSE, Vol. 28, No. 3 / Vol. 29, No. 1, literary journal edited by Brian Henry and Andrew Zawacki (really like its structure of showing a meaty representation of an author, in this case an interview of Eileen Myles, and writings by Allison Titus, Joshua Edwards, Francis Luong, Alissa Nutting and Travis McDonald)

STUDIO SPACES, design by Better Homes and Garden

WHAT COMES NEXT, novel by John Katzenbach

THE FORGOTTEN, novel by David Baldacci

SUSPECT, novel by Robert Crais

HIT ME, novel by Lawrence Block

RESURRECTION EXPRESS, novel by Stephen Romano

I, MICHAEL BENNETT, novel by James Patterson & Michael Ledwidge

PRIVATE BERLIN, novel by James Patterson & Mark Sullivan

BETRAYAL, novel by Robin Lee Hatcher

GRAVITY, novel by Tess Gerritsen

SWEPT AWAY, novel by Mary Connealy

Nada.  To moi everlasting disgust.

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