Wednesday, April 17, 2013


Visited a bookstore today and it seemed under construction.  But, actually, they were just splitting their space in half to save costs -- the other half will be leased to some kitchenware store.  This bookstore is part of a chain, and I just remembered that one of their bookstores 2 cities away did the same thing: moved to a new space about half the size of the former.  I guess that's part of their strategy.  Good luck to their strategy -- it's better than the alternative.

At today's bookstore, I did notice that with the reduction of square footage they eliminated what had been an already infinitesimal amount of shelf space dedicated to poetry books.   Why am I not distressed over this discovery?  Because -- and most chain bookstores are afflicted by this same disease -- their poetry selections showed a distinct lack of what great poetry requires: imagination. 

There's a thought -- if people say folks don't buy poetry, maybe they should reconsider the poetry being pitched.