Thursday, April 11, 2013


I often turn a jaundiced eye towards social media's various accoutrements -- it's just part of Big Brother, this brother making money offa you, ain't it, viz market intelligence?  Nonetheless, one can also turn certain features around...

Entonces.  When Bino Realuyo wrote his HuffPost article on Fil-Am Writers, I emailed some folks asking them to hit the "Like" button on it.  To show there is interest in Fil-Am lit.  As I speculated on the email, if some publishing folks see that such an article would generate a bunch of Likes, it may make it easier for the next Fil-Am writer pitching a manuscript.  At the time I sent out the email, Bino's article had about 300 Likes.

I woke up this morning to see that the article has over 1,300 Likes.  Very good.  Apparently, yesterday when the article was released, HuffPost first buried it.  Then, as the Likes kept increasing, HuffPost moved the article at one point to be the lead article in their "Books" section with a new headline about the emergence of Fil-Am Literature.  Very Good.

But is 1,300 Likes good enough?  I don't know -- I don't usually pay attention to such things.  So, for a good read, why don't you go on over to this NECESSARY ARTICLE (say Hi to moi handsome dawg Achilles) and then



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