Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Working on two essays concurrently (coz they're due at the same time) on different aspects of visual arts.  One is a first for me -- an account of my perspective as an art collector, which I've never really written about.  In writing about it, I realize again that I'm not a collector in the normative sense of the word (okay: when was the last time I was normal?).  In part because I believe (great) art belongs in public, not private, spaces.  I acquire art, not to "collect" it but to support the art of one's times (live artists gotta pay the rent, too).

Second essay is on drawing.  I initially began it as a larger prose work on the philosophies of drawing.  But I'm going to be out of time, I think.  And so will focus mostly on Jean Vengua's fabulous haptic drawings.

Writing on art -- I love doing it but haven't done it in a while.  It's a different way to stretch the mind ... and the eyes.   But increasingly the mind, especially as my eyesight continues to falter.  But, hey, did you know that the blind artist can be just as effective as the seeing artist in making a haptic drawing?  One of the nuggets I learned from exploring Jean's haptic world.

Okay.  That was a coffee break.  Back to the work...  but here's an example of Jean's haptic drawings: "Tabios Haptic"!  Tabios-that'd be Moi!  What I love about it is how the writing continues clearly off the page: