Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Well, January is nearly over which allows Moi to post some FIRSTS FOR 2013:

First poetry book read in 2013: STAINED GLASS WINDOWS OF CALIFORNIA by Julien Poirier

First poem(s) published in 2013: poems from "147 MILLION ORPHANS: A Haybun" at MARSH HAWK REVIEW and ON BARCELONA

First poetry review book Moi reviewed in 2013: ROUNDING THE HUMAN CORNERS by Linda Hogan

First book(s) sold through Meritage Press: THE OBEDIENT DOOR by Sean Finney and DERIVE by Bruna Mori

First Meritage Press book re-ordered by Amazon.com: UNPROTECTED TEXTS: SELECTED POEMS (1978~2006) by Tom Beckett

My first poetry book reviewed in 2013: A 2006(!) book, SILENCES: THE AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF LOSS reviewed by Nicholas T. Spatafora in Litter Magazine

First other poet cited by a reader in relationship to any of my poetry: Edgar Allan Poe (I giggled in response)

First poem written in 2013: "OBJECT AS SUBJECT" which I like mostly for being able to quote from Eminem

First poetry collaboration(s) in 2013: "BOOKS ON CHAIRS" and 147 MILLION ORPHANS: A HAYBUN, a manuscript-in-progress which will include contributions from other poets including (those who've already finished their poems) Sheila Murphy, Thomas Fink, John Bloomberg-Rissman, j/j hastain and Tom Beckett.

First introduction(s) to other poets: Adrienne J. Odasso and Sun Yung Shin (looking forward to her participation in POETS ON ADOPTION)

First Galatea Resurrects review copies sent out to potential reviewers: THE COLLECTED POEMS OF LUCILLE CLIFTON; WESTERN PRACTICE by Stephen Motika; 154 FORTIES [by] JACKSON MAC LOW, Edited by Anne Tardos; and A BROKEN THING: POETS ON THE LINE, Edited by Emily Rosko and Anton VanderZee

First mischief-making that amused Moiself: Described HERE.

Moi first poetry book release in 2013: THE AWAKENING: A LONG POEM TRIPTYCH & A POETICS FRAGMENT

Moi first mini-book release in 2013: IF A CACTUS BLOOMS

I like lists-as-autobiography.  This list revealed something about moiself to me, which I shall keep private.  But here 'tis, too, for your FYI.