Thursday, January 17, 2013


Ach!  I am just having so much fun SITTING AROUND!

And now, absolutely delightful MINI BOOKS! have started trickling past Galatea's gates to perch themselves on moi mini chairs!  Thank you for those who are sending books!  I need more!  Please peruse YOUR INVITATION.

I will be "reviewing" each mini book sent for SithWithMoi's library of "Books on Chairs".  That's guaranteed!

Meanwhile, please check out my latest mini-blather: how I turned a Godiva box (after I emptied it of chocolates, but of course) into a book!

Nota Bene to you poetry sophisticates: I tend to get a big pedantic on the Sitting Blog when I discuss poetry and poetics (e.g. my "Lucidity Poetics" blather).  Sorry about that.  It's just that not everyone going to that blog are poets and so I'm trying, but of course, to talk poetry to them, too.  And you know what happens when one tries to articulate Poetry: occasional pedantics, among other things...

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