Saturday, January 19, 2013


The bad news is a thief has been filching from neighborhood postal boxes -- and I think said thief absconded with two chairs I'd ordered for SitWithMoi!  Not good -- these chairs are always ones of a kind.  The problem is so bad the local post office has ceased delivering to the neighborhood while they investigate, which means we have to go to the post office everytime we want to pick up our mail (since I'm in a small town, that's not as onerous as it sounds but it's still a pain...).

But the good, nay, THE GREAT NEWS is that my author copies of THE AWAKENING arrived safely!  My classy publisher sent them insured, priority mail which meant I had to sign for them so the boxes couldn't just be dropped off but had to be picked up by Moi.  So they arrived safely and here they are:

Official announcement to come.  Meanwhile, that's another book made and released when I'm not just sitting around (or perhaps while I'm sitting around...)!

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