Tuesday, June 07, 2011


Yay. Got internet access. In a few hours, adoption proceedings will commence. But, meanwhile, chatted with the hotelier who runs a small hotel catering to adoptive families. 'Twas interesting to discuss what she's seen in the over 20 years she's been running the place, including the effects on adoption of the Great Recession, the control transition from drug lord Pablo Escobar (which made people, including potential adopters, leary of visiting Colombia) to former Pres. Uribe's administrations, and the increase of adoption interest from Europe which is experiencing negative population growth unlike the U.S. These, and other matters, ran through moi mind as a, for now, abstract soup ... but I suspect will all relate to my ongoing 147 Million Orphans project. Here's some related visuals of adopted children over the last two decades from our hotel stay which I did not expect but which obviously ... resonate:

This manuscript could be my most powerful project yet, if I'm willing to say ... certain things which I might not be able to say (1) for childrens' privacy reasons, and/or (2) for fear of jeopardizing possible improvements to the (or an) adoption system and/or orphan care. As I've said before, Adoption is like Poetry: complicated.

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