Thursday, June 02, 2011


Images from Michael's Graduation Celebrations!

Michael (third from left) was part of a class of 22 which was quite boy-heavy!

'Twas a good idea to have student self-portraits scattered about the reception area--here's the hubby and Michael with his mosaic-collage art work!

Blue Oak School Class of 2011!

Michael at restaurant following graduation ceremonies, with his gift--a Kindle book reader! (The first book he purchased later that evening, courtesy of a gift card from his very proud Abuelita, was a required summer reading by his forthcoming high school, Jon Krakauer's Into the Wild.)

It's important to give kids wonderful early memories; here's one with Michael and a framed photo of his class, all jumping for joy!

...And Moi fluffs the wings and waves the wand and gleefully cackles and poetically conjures (as all her conjurations become true since she never squanders it on revealing winning Lotto numbers): And he shall live happily ever after ...

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