Friday, May 27, 2011


Poof. There go more of moi feathers...! I'm so proud I'm fit to bust! To wit:

Last night Michael's class presented their "Capstone" projects to an audience of parents and friends. These were the final leg of a multi-genre approach to understanding a topic well enough to create several projects around it. For Michael, he chose the topic of what comprises the brain, some positive and negative effects that affects its development, and how alcohol damages the brain. He created a research paper complete with MLA notes (I don't even do MLA notes). Then he taught the brain to a class and made it fun by, after teaching them the brain parts and what it controls, asking the students to create superheroes from brain parts, e.g. Super Cerebellum or stuff like that. He projected drawings of the superheroes on the screen that enlivened what could otherwise have been a hum-drum slide show on what the brain looks like. BUT THAT'S NOT ALL!

Then he presented a short film of himself dissecting a sheep brain! Because a sheep brain is very much like a human brain! We're all sheep! It was ... gross! And all super and lovely at the same time! Here is my Super Son (and now I know why he so wanted to get that t-shirt from the Gap):

Those knees, btw, belong to the head creative honcho of Pixar, a very nice man. Jest sayin'...

Okay, now, proud Mama is left with just one more question: how to dispose of the sheep brain in her refrigerator without El Hijo causing a stink. It's hidden behind the butter dish at the moment so that Mom doesn't cook it by mistake. I've read about this, you know -- having kids' science experiments in the fridge. I feel I've passed yet another major parenting threshold, courtesy of ye olde sheep brain which I did not did not did not want to feel ... until I remembered that I'm a poet and thus supposed to be open to all experiences and so, to my son's delight, I felt said sheep brain ... and it was spongy and cringe-inducing. Just what I needed: more raw material for a spongy and cringe-inducing poem. World, await!

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