Sunday, May 08, 2011


A true loving son! Michael tattoed a heart with "MOM" on his biceps! Then he ordered Bart to yell out Mother's Day Greetings at me! Then he wrote me a poem!


Okay, so this all happened via his handmade cards, but I still love the whole experience, to wit:

As for that poem, Michael did an internet search for a Mom's Day Poem ... but he wrote it himself with his own boy hand! How lucky can this Poet-Mom be?!

Yes, there's a typo in that last line. But I didn't react the way Amy Chua might have, that Chinese Dragon Mom who once threw back handmade cards or card at her daughter as she proclaimed, "I deserve better!" But I did tell him that for that infraction I shall be the one to choose his wife someday....Not!

Fortunately, they also gave Moi a 90-minute deep tissue massage for the morning ... EXACTLY what I need and want. Off I go!

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