Friday, April 29, 2011


Michael cracks Moi up so many times! So we visited Mom in the hospital this evening. As soon as he entered the hospital room, he said Hi to Mom and went to the computer in the corner of the room. That's the computer where the medical staff checks hospital records, updates them, etc. But, what do you know? He found he could upload computer games on 'em and began playing:

That's my brother -- really! -- next to Michael. Such a lucky guy to have a sister like Moi, even if I back up against his car. Eventually, one of the medical technicians stuck his head in and booted Michael off of the computer. I probably should have been the one to tell Michael to get off but I got such a kick of seeing these colorful games juxtaposed against the medical equipment.

As for Mom? She continues to recover. Good color tonight. Always good for color to be good...

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