Thursday, April 28, 2011


Mom's cancer surgery went well today. Went so well that the surgeon said he must share that he is quite proud of his own job. Well, as my brother said, we wanted a surgeon who takes pride in his work.

Speaking of the brother, he came up from southern California for the surgery. And whilst we were catching up with each other's lives, he said that some work-related acquaintance had Googled him and came up with my name. When said acquaintance mentioned it to the brother, he said, "She's my sister."

Acquaintance didn't believe my brother. Apparently, laugh, it's hard to believe my brother would have such a sister as me. Never mind that anybody can tweak the internet to generate a seemingly big presence. Anyway, that provided a welcome bit of comic relief to the day. (It was an unnerving day: I began it by backing my car right onto my brother's car and smashed a taillight into smithereens. I told him the mountain lion likes to eat cars' headlights and taillights and, for at least several minutes there (hah), he believed me...)

Maraming Salamat to the Babaylans for their prayers for a speedy recovery for Mom.