Sunday, May 01, 2011


We're delighted that 15 poets shared their poetry and adoption experiences during the month of April at Poets on Adoption. We continue to look for new poets to participate; please pass the word on our Call to Participate. Meanwhile, joining our 17 March poets are the following April poets:

Kate Adams April 2011
(daughter of attorney Philip Adams (1905-1997) who completed over 5,000 adoptions in his career and was a founding member of the Academy of California Adoption Lawyers)

Jim Benz April 2011
(was adopted as an infant domestically in the U.S.    brother to adopted sister)

Mary Anne Cohen April 2011
(surrendered baby son for adoption and is an adoption reform activist)

Phillippa Yaa de Villiers April 2011
(in South Africa, was adopted at 9 months)

Jennifer Kwon Dobbs April 2011
(was adopted by U.S.-American parents)

CB Follett April 2011
(adopted two baby boys and one baby girl domestically within the U.S.)

Samantha Franklin April 2011
(was adopted as a baby domestically in the U.S.)

Joy Katz April 2011
(adopted a baby boy from Vietnam)

Dana R. LePage April 2011
(was adopted as a baby in Korea by U.S.-American parents. sister is also Korean adopted while not biologically related)

Laura McCullough April 2011
(adopted two children from Taiwan)

Carol Moldaw April 2011
(adopted a baby girl from China)

Giavanna Munafo April 2011
(was adopted as a 6-week-old domestically in the U.S.    sister to adopted brother)

Martina Robinson April 2011
(honorary auntie to friends' adopted children)

Dee Thompson April 2011
(adopted 13-year-old girl from Russia. 3 years later, adopted 10-year-old boy from Kazakhstan)

Jan VanStavern April 2011
(was adopted as a baby domestically within the U.S.    sister to adopted brother. as a parent, adopted a 10-month-old girl from China)

If you are a poet with adoption experience who would like to participate, feel free to email me at

Eileen R. Tabios
PoA Curator, Poet & Adoptive Mom