Tuesday, May 10, 2011


So Michael's school has started preparations for the upcoming graduation ceremonies. For Michael and his classmates, they are to prepare a "graduation speech" that each will deliver as part of the ceremony -- since it's a graduating class of 23, they all can have that space. Well, I've already been feeling emotional of late over mi hijo becoming a middle school graduate. Then Michael informed me recently -- and we worked on it tonight! -- that he wanted to present his "speech" as a poem. Wow: I nearly lost it. But I still bawled out with zero cool, "A poem! What a fantastic idea!"

I'll post the poem closer to his graduation day and after he's tinkered some more with it. What I do want to share is that the theme is "I Was, I Am, I Will Be." Michael discussed seven elements of his life, including
Past: I never read books
Present: I read books everyday
Future: I hope to write a story about my life for a book

Maybe I will lose it now...This is still one of the best parts of our adoption story -- to see a child so conscious of his poor education just fluorish to appreciate books so much he'll even aspire to write one!


Here is Michael recently when we visited Mom in the hospital. He had given his Abuelita a foot massage.

Michael wasn't being angelic, though, when he decided to give Mom a foot massage. It's just that my brother had just taught him the concept of "brownie points"... Boys will still be boys ...

Meanwhile, Mom is now back home, recovering well. Thanks to Leny for visiting Mom at the hospital and the red rose she brought! Yes, the roses have now started to bloom ... as they should and it's all good.

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