Tuesday, May 31, 2011



We are pleased to share that ten more poets contributed in May to POETS ON ADOPTION. Representing a wide variety of experiences, they are
Jim Bennett May 2011
(in England, was adopted as a baby. as a parent, adopted two children)

Peter Boskey May 2011
(was adopted as a baby from Korea by U.S.-American parents. brother to two siblings who were both also adopted as babies from Korea)

Sunu P. Chandy May 2011
(awaiting final government and court approvals in India in order to complete adoption of an 18 month old baby girl from South India)

Mary Krane Derr May 2011
(had four near misses, from different angles, with adoption. was a maternity services & adoption social worker)

Karen G. Johnston May 2011
(in the U.S., fostered, then adopted a son and daughter)

Leza Lowitz May 2011
(in Japan, adopted a two-year-old son)

Leslie McGrath May 2011
(adopted a baby girl from Korea)

Penny Callan Partridge May 2011
(was adopted domestically in the U.S.    adopted a daughter and son. co-founded Adoption Forum in Philadelphia and is former President of the American Adoption Congress)

Karen Pickell May 2011
(was adopted as a baby domestically in the U.S.    sister to an adopted brother. has two adopted stepchildren, one of whom was adopted from Korea)

Michele Wolf May 2011
(adopted a baby girl from China)

More information on the Call of Participation is at http://poetsonadoption.blogspot.com/2011/03/call-for-participation.html -- please do spread the word!

Eileen Tabios
PoA Curator