Saturday, June 04, 2011


The Parents Association really did a great job putting together the wonderful graduation festivities for Michael's class. As one parent and I agreed, it felt like there was a Bollywood wedding as well as a Greek funeral somewhere in the mix that lasted three days! Anyway, here's a recap of the last day of celebrations, which took place at one of the families' homes that rivals Michael Jackson's former abode. We start with this fabulous swimming pool designed in a way to incorporate Disney-like features and made Michael, who loves to swim, proclaim, "I AM NEVER GOING TO LEAVE!" He's on the right frowning as he doesn't seem to understand that to be a parent is to take photos!

Much activity, but the bulk of the photos now will focus on the host taking the visiting families for a train ride (yeah, he's got a train in his backyard--why not?):

Finally, here's one last photo of Michael's class when they went hiking one last time together, led by their science teacher (Michael's on far right hanging over a branch):

Oh, let's not forget about the yearbook! Each graduate did a drawing which incorporated their class photo. Michael's, of course, features ... Achilles!

Last but not least, and I know many of you have been waiting for a photo of this, here is a photo of the sheep brain that Michael dissected because it looks very much like a human brain ('twas lovely finally tossing that in the garbage this morning!):

What lovely BOY FUN!

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